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Creative, enthusiastic and sustainable chef, Cris joined the cooking school in Brazil in 2007, when she was just 19 years old.

She doesn't come from a family of professional chefs, but she grew up with her mum always trying new recipes that she had learned in TV shows.

Her passion for travelling and exploring took her to work on board of a cruise around Europe in 2009 where she met a friend that told her she should try to be a chef in Australia. 

She went back to Sao Paulo and in 2012 she finally decided to risk and spend some time in the other side of the world.

Some months in Sydney later, in 2013 she met Mu...and 7 years have passed, and they are still in Australia.

And was after a trip to Brazil in 2017 where they could attend a big Food Event in Sao Paulo, the first KeenTown ideas pop up in their mind.

With another vision for food, she was never the same. She soon joined Slow Food and after a while joined Oz Harvest as a chef for the Cooking for a Cause program.

Nowadays with a better undertanding in the food chain, she is passionate about the farm to table concept and trully believes food can help us change everything and the fork is a very important vote all of us have in our hands everyday.


Back in Brazil Mu had no idea what life was preparing for him. With a background in management and logistics, he had worked with industrial engeneering for 5 years before having the decision of taking a break of what he considered a boring life.

Also in 2012 he had decided to make a change and study English for 6 months in Australia.

The first 6 months , turned into 1 year, which now are 8 years living in Sydney. From dishwasher, soccer coach, marketing researcher to butcher, he definitely experience different areas and professions since he has arrived here.


But even not having a degree or experience as a chef, Mu has a passion for food and it was watching his dad by the BBQ since he was a kid combined with his butchery experience turned him into KeenTown's BBQ master.

Mu is also Keentown's official Gardener and Composting expert, turning all food scraps into a natural fertilizer to nourish the food growing in the backyard.

Finally, The Homebrew came due his passion for Beer. Since they moved to a region of breweries Mu has been improving himself every batch and in each beer he brings so much passion and flavour to it.

Mu is a dreamer and  he believes in the power that people have in helping each other to build a better and fairer world.

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