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We always loved having people around our table, sharing food and stories. And it was after a trip to Brazil in 2017, where we participated in a big Food Event in Sao Paulo, called "Mesa Tendencias" that the first ideas of KeenTown started popping up in our head.


In 2018 we moved to a bigger house with a backyard in Marrickville, a Inner Sydney suburb and we started hosting our first dinners and events for friends and their friends.

In 2019, we were selected to be part of the TEDx Sydney Hub in partnership with Reverse Garbage. For the event we built compost bins out of items that were going to the landfill and during the event we engaged the audience about the importance of composting at home. Also in 2019 we launched our first cooking classes, our range of preserves and salts and our Dinning Experience set menu.

Wondering where our name originates from? It comes from the Brazilian Portuguese word for backyard, “Quintal” (Pronounced the way we say our name). And as we are so KEEN to do the difference, we couldn’t play better with the words.



We love Sustainability!

Imagine a place where you know where your food comes from and to where the scraps are going.

As members of “Slow Food” we really care about what we serve  and the whole chain of food consumption. We research ways to be increasingly sustainable not just surrounding cooking, but also in our everyday life.

In our classes and workshops we engage the public to be mindful about consumption and wastage.


We explain in a simple way that being more sustainable is easier than we think and the food we consume can be a daily ally not only to our well being but also to the environment's health.



You are the most important part of our Project.

Each day we understand more and more that we are here to make the difference, to treat people, food and nature with respect and to make things with love.

From the people that help us with dirty dishes to the people that sit around our table, from the farmers that grow our food to the stock suppliers, from the people that make our uniforms to the ones that produce our equipments.

It's all connected, it all matters. Doesn't matter in which position on the chain your are. 

We welcome you to our KeenTown and want you to feel at home as much as us.



For us, leaving a Legacy means being the difference and teaching people how to make their own differences as well.


At KeenTown we aim to feed people around us, not just with food but with traditions, stories and knowledge, through dinners, classes and online.


Engage and teach people about the importance of what we eat, considering and understading every part of the chain from production to waste.

We know that being more mindful and more sustainaible can sound overwhelming, specially when we focus on the problems. But if each of us do a little bit we all can impact positively on the planet.

Being the channel to make people start looking and appreciating their food in a more sustainable approach is the way to leave our Legacy.



Olá, Nice to meet you!


We are Cris and Mu, the couple behind this exciting project. Arriving from Brazil in 2012, both immediatelly fell in love for Sydney and have been living in the city since then.

The appreciation of good food combined with our passion for hosting dinners for friends took us to start KeenTown Project.

Cris is a professional chef and Mu cooks the best BBQ in the world (no kidding!).

Cris loves coffee and Mu is crazy for Beer.

Cris teaches cooking and Mu is a composting master.

Cris believes food can help us save the planet and Mu believes in the power of good people.


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