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Garden Salad with eggplant and zucchini antipasto served with feta and roasted almonds 🥗⁠

Adding a salad to your Christmas table is a great way to give balance and freshness to your feast.⁠

With some key ingredients, you can easily put a delicious salad together quickly, saving time for the other preparations.⁠


Mixed leaves⁠

KeenTown Eggplant and Zucchini Antipasto⁠

Creamy feta cheese⁠

Roasted almonds⁠


1. There are no rules about quantities for this recipe, as you will follow your preferences and taste. We usually calculate 50g of mixed leaves per person in a salad.⁠

2. Place the mixed salad in the tray it will be served.⁠

3. Then spread our handy antipasto over the leaves. As it comes in a mix of olive oil, orange juice and vinegar, you don’t need a salad dressing, as the antipasto does the work.⁠

4. Then add the feta cheese and sprinkle chopped almonds over it. ⁠

5. Voilà, Xmas salad ready in less than 5 minutes.⁠

6. Tip: Don’t forget you can always use other cheeses and nuts and add dried fruits to match your taste.⁠



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