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Roasted Tomato and Onion Chutney, Fresh Ricotta and Fresh Oregano Bruschetta 🍅🥖⁠

Everybody LOVES bruschetta, and it is one of those dishes that can please any nationality.⁠

As we have been teaching you how to create delicious and easy dishes for your festive celebrations, check out our KeenTown-style bruschetta, perfect for any occasion.⁠


Artisanal sourdough loaf⁠

Fresh ricotta cheese (we recommend the one from Paesanella cheese)⁠

KeenTown 3 Pepper Salt⁠

KeenTown Roasted Tomato and Onion Chutney⁠

Fresh oregano leaves (or fresh basil leaves)⁠


1. There are no rules about quantities for this recipe, as you will follow your preferences and taste.⁠

2. Slice the sourdough and use it fresh (ours was super soft), or toast it a bit in the oven.⁠

3. Spread the fresh ricotta over the slices and sprinkle some salt over it.⁠

4. Then add some of our Roasted tomato and onion chutney and finish with the fresh herbs.⁠

5. Use your imagination to add other ingredients, such as olives and cured meats if you like.⁠


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