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Grilled King Prawns with Cocktail Sauce 🦐😋⁠

Xmas in Australia = delicious prawns.⁠

There’s nothing more delicious than juicy prawns with cocktail sauce, and with this straightforward and quick recipe, you will leave your guest’s mouths watering.⁠


Raw king prawns (or any other type of prawn of your preference)⁠

KeenTown Lemon and Rosemary Salt⁠

Olive oil⁠


Cocktail sauce⁠

Japanese mayonnaise⁠

KeenTown Roasted Tomato and Onion Chutney⁠

KeenTown Chilli Sauce⁠


1. There are no rules about quantities for this recipe, as you will follow your preferences and taste. The number of prawns per guest will depend on the number and variety of dishes you serve, but we recommend 2 to 3 prawns per person.⁠

2. First, you will butterfly the prawns to devein them; however, don’t remove the head as it will look extra beautiful on the table. ⁠

3. Sprinkle some of our lemon and rosemary salt over the prawns and add a bit of butter.⁠

4. Grill them in a scorching skillet (we used cast iron to keep the heat) using a bit of olive oil.⁠

5. For the cocktail sauce, mix the mayonnaise with the chutney and the chilli sauce; start with a small amount, then taste and add more of both, depending on your taste.⁠

6. Serve them hot or cold; they are delicious both ways.⁠



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