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Rabanada (Brazilian-style French toast) 🤤⁠🍞⁠

What is one of the best dishes of a Brazilian Xmas? RABANADA.⁠

Rabanada is a type of French toast that became popular due to a religious connection during Catholic celebrations such as lent and Easter.⁠

In Brazil is a Christmas dinner staple and can be a great way to avoid bread waste.⁠

In our version, we used brioche, but you can also use any stale bread you have around.⁠


Slices of brioche or stale bread⁠

3 eggs⁠

300ml of milk⁠

Olive oil or any other oil to fry⁠

Icing sugar and cinnamon ⁠


1. Beat the eggs with the milk.⁠

2. Get ready a flat pan with the oil of your preference and heat to fry the bread (be careful not to burn it).⁠

3. Soak the bread slices in the egg and milk mix.⁠

4. Then fry it straight away, turning it when one side is already golden in colour. ⁠

5. When ready, remove from the pan and drain with a paper towel.⁠

6. Sprinkle icing sugar and cinnamon.⁠

7. Serve by itself or with a sauce such as dulce de leche, honey or chocolate. ⁠

8. Tip: if you are using KeenTown's Doce 'Deleite', mix it with a bit of cream to make it more liquid, like a sauce.



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